Warrior Paintings Ohara Musha-e 大畑武者絵

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The samurai painting is a brave depiction of a military commander who has made a name for himself in history. In addition to the samurai paintings, there are paintings drawn on picture scrolls, historical paintings, classic Japanese decorative paintings (Yamato-e), kites, etc. Historically the warrior picture banner was displayed in the garden in the middle of the Edo period. At the beginning of the time of the Tango no Sekku in the samurai society, a picture of the 鍾 馗 symbols and a figure of a warrior were drawn along with a flag and a stream. It later became popular. Since the Edo period, the samurai paintings have been displayed in the garden with drawings of brave warrior and 鍾馗 pictures for the Boys' Festival in the samurai society. That tradition has been passed down to this day and conveys the heart of Japan.

Kite warrior picture 20cm✕17cm
10~ ⇒ ¥1000
20~ ⇒ ¥900

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¥900 ($5.76) tax included

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