●The products listed are just examples of all that is available.
I will be happy to find any item for you upon request.
Please feel free to contact us.
●Shipping charges are not included in the pricing on this site, therefore, we will need to discuss shipping price as well as shipping method. Please contact me to discuss these important details.
● How to order ●
★ Please contact us before ordering!★
1. Add the item to the cart.
2. Enter the quantity of the product.
3, Go to buy as a guest.
4. Enter Customer Information and ignore Payment Method Bank Transfer.
5. Proceed to Next.
6. Go to Place your order.
After this is finished, we will send you an email, and after mutual agreements, we will decide the shipping method and price, and PayPal will send a quotation and an invoice. After confirming payment, the product will be shipped.
★ IMPORTANT: You will NOT be able to buy items without paying for shipping!!! ★


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