Hand Towel Tenugui 手ぬぐい

¥1,000($6.40) tax included

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This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

Tenugui is a plain weave cloth made of cotton for wiping sweat, water after washing the face and hands, and washing the body when taking a bath. In addition, it is worn on the head for purposes such as cold and heat protection and dust protection, and as an accessory for festivals.
Prices vary depending on size, pattern, and manufacturer. Please contact us for more information.

The first and second pieces are from Tochigi prefecture and are made by craftsmen using the traditional patterns of Ashikaga in Japan.
20~ ⇒ ¥1600
30~ ⇒ ¥1550
The third piece is a towel made in Japan.
20~ ⇒ ¥1100
30~ ⇒ ¥1000

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¥1,000 ($6.40) tax included

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