Mini Towel Handkerchiefs ミニタオルハンカチ

¥580($3.77) tax included

Payments will be paid in Japanese yen. The price in the foreign currency is a rough estimate.

This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

Japanese-made mini towels and gauze handkerchiefs. There are various patterns and a wide variety. There are many types of handkerchiefs, such as thin and light handkerchiefs with a deodorant function and handkerchiefs made by craftsmen in Osaka.
Please contact us for details such as type, quantity, and price range.

1st photo product
10~ ⇒ ¥590
20~ ⇒ ¥580
2nd 3rd photo product
10~ ⇒ ¥780
20~ ⇒ ¥770

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¥580 ($3.77) tax included

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