Japanese Cutlery Knife Scissors 日本刃物

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Seki City is one of Japan's leading cutlery towns.
It is a well-known and reliable manufacturer.
MCUSTA is a pair of scissors that uses the best technology and techniques to create the best knives and scissors. You can enjoy the beauty of their appearance and the delicate sharpness of the blades.
Total length 170mm Blade length 77mm
The MCUSTA knife is an image of a Sengoku warrior. The handle is rugged yet easy to grip, is engraved with the family crest of the Sengoku warlords.
Overall length 213mm Blade length 94mm
There are also "knives" and "small swords" that are reasonably priced, made in Japan, and of good quality. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for details such as type, quantity, and price range.

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¥8,500 ($55.25) tax included

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