Food Models 食品サンプル

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Food samples, also called "food models" or "cooking samples," are models of food displayed at or inside restaurants. By visually explaining the product in detail and presenting the product name and price on the side of the food sample, it acts as a menu. Just by looking, a customer can see what kind of food, how much and what ingredients are contained in each product. In recent years, demand for these products has been increasing at restaurants for foreigners visiting Japan and overseas as well.
Even if the menu of a restaurant is the same, the shape, color, and presentation of the food will differ depending on the restaurant, so the craftsmen have the technology to make food samples from a base design. These food models are made to order and hand-made one by one based on the photos of the dishes and any list of requirements provided. Therefore, it is important that the size of the food is the same as that of the food and that the ingredients look delicious.

Sushi magnet sample
1~9 ⇒ ¥2100
10~ ⇒ ¥2000
Katsudon sample
Bitten sandwich
Steak sample
Ramen small bowl sample

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¥2,100 ($13.44) tax included

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