Handkerchief Traditional Japanese Design 日本伝統ハンカチ

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Senshu Towel is a towel produced in the Senshu area of Osaka, which boasts a history and tradition of about 130 years. It is a safe and secure household towel that has excellent water absorption and is soft to the touch.
In the Senshu towel production area in Osaka, which has continued since the 20th year of the Meiji era, we have consistently adhered to a unique manufacturing method called the post-bleaching manufacturing method. Post-bleached towels are made with excellent water absorption and a good feel by performing the bleaching after the towel is woven. The post bleaching process consists of removing impurities and whitening the threads. In order to prevent thread breakage when weaving towels, the craftsmen then remove all oil and impurities that are originally attached to the originally glued together cotton threads. They are then washed and bleached again to ensure quality.

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¥550 ($3.52) tax included

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