Japanese Tea Recipe Book 日本茶レシピ本

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Japanese tea recipe
How to enjoy Japanese tea like never before. Rediscover the deliciousness of Japanese tea with 47 ideas.
This one book will greatly expand your life experience with Japanese tea. There is not only matcha recipes, but also recipes for sencha, roasted green tea, and Japanese black tea with carbonic acid, herbal, citrus tea, and sweetners. Rediscover the deliciousness of Japanese tea with 47 ideas. Enjoy a delicious drink that is not sweet with your meal! This book is packed with 47 ideas to make delicious Japanese tea rich in vitamins and catechins.

table of contents
● 8 Simple recipes that are quick to make
<1. Add carbonic acid 2. Combine with herbs 3. Combine with citrus 4. Add sweetners
5. Add milk & soy milk 6. Freeze 7. Combine with sake 8. With water>
● Sencha recipes: Sencha pineapple tea, sencha smoothie, white chocolate-flavored sencha milk, cherry sencha, sencha risotto, etc.
● Hojicha recipe Coffee roasted tea, soymilk milk red bean roasted tea, ginger milk tea, etc.
● Matcha recipe: Matcha banana shake, strawberry milk matcha, matcha soda, matcha latte, etc.
● Japanese black tea recipes: orange iced tea, apricot kernel tea, Taiwanese milk tea with brown sugar agar, chocolate milk tea, etc.


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¥2,100 ($13.44) tax included

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