Kneaded Perfume 練り香水

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Kneaded perfume is made by kneading ordinary perfume into oil or wax, then hardening it.
Ordinary liquid perfumes in bottles are made by dissolving fragrances in alcohol, which is completely different from the manufacturing method of kneaded perfumes.
There are various types of perfumes, but kneaded perfume is very easy to use even for beginners.

Flower paste perfume
Contents 8g
Size Exterior: Approximately 60 x 30 x 70 mm

Flower paste perfume
10~ ⇒ ¥1300
20~ ⇒ ¥1250
Hannari paste perfume
10~ ⇒ ¥1050
20~ ⇒ ¥1000

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¥1,000 ($6.40) tax included

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