Hammered Metal Drinking Glass, Shot glass Tuchime 鎚目グラス

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Copper drinking glass with a tasteful hammered pattern and a unique beautiful luster. They have high thermal conductivity, so cold drinks stay cold, and at the same time, the surface of the giasses is refreshingly cool to the touch. The metal ions in the glass help mellow out the taste of the drink in the glass.
Made with Echigo / Tsubame's traditional craftsmanship, the hammered drinking glasses are carefully hammered by hand by professional copper-ware makers. The glasses feature a beautiful two-tone color of tin and black, taking advantage of the characteristics of the copper to create the color.. They have high thermal conductivity, which allows the metal to cool when cold liquid is poured inside, giving the user a refreshing feeling whenever they take a drink. Metal ions in the glasses mellow out the taste of any drink poured in, making any drink taste delicious.

Hammer sake tokkuri(2nd photo)
Shochu tumbler small
Shochu tumbler middle
Shochu tumbler big
Pure copper tumbler cup
Pure copper tumbler small
Pure copper tumbler middle
Pure copper tumbler big

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¥5,500 ($35.20) tax included

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