Japanese Pottery 日本焼物

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● Mino ware
It is a name that refers to pottery produced in Toki City, Tajimi City, Mizunami City, and Kani City inGifu Prefecture. Today, it is a large ceramic industrial area that produces most of Japanese ceramics. There are traditional pottery such as Oribe, Seto Kuro, Shino, and Kiseto.
● Shigaraki-ware
Shigaraki-ware was a major producer of pottery, including tea pots, clay pots and sake bottles, located near Kyoto, which was the core of tea ceremony culture in the Edo period. The surface of Shigaraki pottery is rough and gives tea an earthy taste that is particular to Shigaraki. Shigaraki pottery contains a lot of fine stone grains, is attractive, and has the aesthetic of "Wabi-sabi", a Japanese aesthetic based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.
● Arita Porcelain
Pottery that is baked mainly in Arita Town in Saga Prefecture. Since shipments of this pottery were made from Imari Port, it is also called Hizen Imari, including Arita. It was the only porcelain producing area in Japan until the early Edo period, and since it spread from Arita to various parts of Japan, it is considered a pioneer brand of ceramics.
Since pottery is a largely varying craft, there are many types and appearances of pottery. If you can tell us a basic idea of what you are looking for, we will send you a photo to ensure the product meets your demands.
Please contact us for details regarding type, quantity, and price of items.

Arita porcelain
Arita Yunomi Drinking Glass
Mino ware shochu cup

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¥1,300 ($8.32) tax included

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