Japanese Tea and Tea Vessel Dictionary 日本茶本、器本

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●Utsuwa Dictionary うつわディクショナリー
"Utsuwa Dictionary" is now a book.
Recently, the tea vessels made by popular artists have been lined up at tea exhibitions.
The background and thoughts of the artist, and a number of works captured in beautiful photographs are displayed in this dictionary.
In addition, the authors of the book have compiled a list of galleries and shops that you can purchase some of these items, and Japanese tea-making terminology has been included for the reader;s benefit.

The series "FOOD DICTIONARY" is thoroughly packed with knowledge about food and practical techniques taught by professionals. The creators of this series publishes one theme one after another, with each book always containing popular food items such as sushi, sake, Japanese tea, fish and shellfish. In "Japanese tea", they teach you the knowledge of how to brew really delicious tea with dozens of types of tea leaves. It is also a book full of stories about tea.

Utsuwa Dictionary

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¥2,300 ($14.72) tax included

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