Tsugaru Handmade Shot Glass 津軽手作りグラス

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Tsugaru Vidro is a traditional craft designated by Aomori Prefecture, and is a glass work that inherits the traditional "chubuki technique". Floating cherry blossoms, gorgeous summer festivals, beautiful autumn leaves, and severe cold. It is characterized by vivid colors that capture the seasons of the Japanese landscape, and fans who are fascinated by its beauty are not only in Japan but also overseas.

Tsugaru Vidro Ochoko
1~9 ⇒ ¥3000
10~ ⇒ ¥2900
Glassware Ochoko
1~9 ⇒ ¥2000
10~ ⇒ ¥1900

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¥1,900 ($13.68) tax included

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