Earthenware Rice Cooking Pot ごはん鍋

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These rice pots do not have the heat retention function of a rice cooker, but they conduct heat evenly to each grain of rice, resulting in rice that looks like it was cooked with "hagama". Also, since it is not a home appliance, its performance does not deteriorate, so rice cooked 10 years from now in this pot will taste just as good as rice cooked now.
In recent years, it is said that a high-class rice cooker for about 100,000 yen can reproduce the taste of "hagama" and "earthen pot" rice cookers. However, considering the risk of failure, labor for cleaning and handling, and cost, it can be said that it is easier to use than a rice cooker.

Rice pot 3go(1st photo right black)
Rice pot 3go(2nd photo)
Rice pot 2go(3rd photo)
Rice pot 3go(3rd photo)
Rice pot 5go(3rd photo)

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¥11,000 ($70.40) tax included

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