Lunch box Mage-Wappa Traditional Crafts 曲げわっぱ 弁当箱

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The beauty of the wood and the warmth of the Japanese speak to the heart.
Akita cedar, which is one of the three major beautiful trees in forests in Japan, is a nationally designated traditional craft that makes use of the uniform and beautiful grain of wood.
It has a bright and elegant texture, and is a local gem that is lightweight yet strong and elastic.
Since the lunch box is coated with urethane, it can be used for anything such as fried rice and Napolitan, as well as fried chicken.
After use, it can be washed thoroughly with dish detergent.

●Wappa Mug
Size: 83φ x 85mm
Capacity: 330cc
Weight: 40g

●Wappa Lunch Box Small
Size:180 × 110 × 50 mm
With partition (removable)

●Wappa Lunch Box Middle
Size: 188 x 120 x 58 mm
Capacity: 640cc
With partition (removable)

●Mess tin lunch box
Size: 170 x 90 x 95 mm
Capacity: Upper 390cc, Lower 500cc
With partition (removable)

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¥9,800 ($62.72) tax included

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