Silk Stomach Band シルク腹巻き

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Did you know that the belly band has an excellent effect of increasing basal metabolism?
Wearing a belly band improves blood circulation and raises basal body temperature. It is said that once the basal body temperature rises, the metabolic capacity rises by about 10%.
Of course, it is also effective for people with cooler body temperatures. Not only for people suffering from diarrhea and constipation, but also for dieting and health promotion. Improving blood circulation in the abdomen may warm the internal organs and improve these symptoms.
A belly band made of high-quality silk thread with highly elastic rib knitting. Since it is ribbed, the rubber does not hit the skin and there are no seams on the sides, so it is stress-free.
Made of 95% silk, it is gentle on sensitive skin.
Also, the fabric is thicker than the thin belly band, so it is recommended for those who want to warm their body with better support.
Since there is no feeling of tightening, you can use it with confidence even during relaxing time.

1~9 ⇒ ¥4000
10~ ⇒ ¥3900
20~ ⇒ ¥3800

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¥3,800 ($24.32) tax included

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