Hot Spring Bath Salts Onsen 入浴剤

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Introducing a new series of SUMOU bath salts!
The wrestlers who are proud of their bare skin gather and the decisive battle for beauty begins.
Bath salts containing camellia oil, which is used as a moisturizing ingredient for wrestlers' hairdressers.
The warm bath effect makes your bare skin healthy.
● Moist Fuji "I will not let go of the Mawashi that I grabbed with my bare skin."
[Moisturizing ingredients] Collagen, peony extract, camellia oil from Izu Oshima, amino acid (glutamine)
Peonies scent. Milky pink hot water color.
● Glossy sea "There is a match by piercing the opponent's gap with dazzling glossy skin"
[Moisturizing ingredients] Royal jelly extract, button extract, camellia oil from Izu Oshima, collagen
The scent of peony. Milky white water color.
● Mountain of tension "The secret of strength is the elastic bare skin that repels tension"
[Moisturizing ingredients] Hyaluronic acid, lily extract (madonna lily root extract), camellia oil from Izu Oshima, collagen
Lily scent. Milky yellow water color.

Contents 50g
Size (WDH): 120 x 5 x 150 (mm)

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¥320 ($2.05) tax included

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