Traditional Japanese-Style Teapots 急須2

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[Small iron kettle]
You can use it for a wide range of purposes, such as boiling water, steeping tea leaves, or using it as a kyusu.
The handles and lid are made of Tang copper, and each is engraved to give a gorgeous look to the ironware, which tends to have a hard look.
In addition, a blue-dyed porcelain lid is attached as a replacement lid for everyday use.
You can also serve sake in a hot pot on New Year's Day, and you can use it as a dish that adds the goodness of tradition to your life.
[What is a hot pot]
It is a tool for pouring sake used in kaiseki, but it is warm in winter and cold in summer by taking advantage of the heat and cold insulation of metal.
An iron pot collection that you can use as a stylish sake conversation starter that brings the feeling of hospitality to the table.

六角形小鉄瓶(1st photo)
四角形小鉄瓶(2nd photo)
鉄製燗鍋(5th photo)
南部急須(9th photo)
岩手鋳物急須5型(10th photo)
南部鉄瓶(11th photo)

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¥11,000 ($70.40) tax included

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