Sandals Geta 下駄

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● Hand-carved warmth
The wood, which is hand-carved by craftsmen, fits comfortably on the soles of the feet.
● Kindness of the thong
The thong is softened by putting a cushion material and hanging it along the foot shape.
● Modern design
It has a reputation for being easy to match with clothes and easy to walk in. They may be a pair that makes you want to walk in them every day. This is a masterpiece that pursues the possibility of geta.
● Tradition and innovation
Geta, the culture of Japanese footwear, is newly proposed according to the modern lifestyle.
● Japanese style and beauty
A simple expression of the Japanese delicacy for beauty and the way of life that lives in style.
● Live with the forest
We are particular about using hinoki cypress from Shizuoka because it touches the skin so that it will be healed when you put yourself in nature.

Please contact us for details on men's and women's designs, types, quantities, and price ranges.

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¥19,000 ($121.60) tax included

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