Japanese Pattern Tote Bag Hideki Kimura 木村英輝

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● Collection Tote
This series is a product that focuses on reproducing the color and power of mural paintings by making full use of 11 colors.
Thick and durable No. 6 canvas is used for all the details. It features a multi-colored silk screen print that is so vivid and deep that it can be mistaken for an actual photograph.
Each one will contain a serial number that is a data version of the numbers handwritten by Hideki Kimura.
Comes with a shoulder strap. Consideration has also been given to functionality such as a magnetic button on the mouth, an inner pocket and a key chain.
Material: No. 6 canvas (100% cotton)
Sewing: Japan (Kyoto)
Shoulder belt: width 3.8 cm, length 58-112 cm

● Gamaguchi shoulder bag
・ The main pocket opening is a fastened by a special fastener
・ Inner pocket with zipper
-The handle that is thinned toward the top is easy to grip and does not slip easily when hung on the shoulder.
・ On the back, the black fabric has the same color as black, but with a thick print and a strong logo.
The point is the "twist" of a large ball with a diameter of about 25 mm attached to the base.
The large opening makes it easy to put in and take out items, and a two-tiered lunch box and PET bottle are also included.
-Uses an original textile with PVC processing on the back of the combed Burberry, which has less uneven threads and a beautiful texture.
・ The lining is Ki-Yan Stuzio original jacquard fabric
・ There is a convenient outer pocket on one side
・ There is an inner pocket
・ With bottom stud
* Please note that each item has a different pattern.

Collection Tote
Gamaguchi shoulder bag
Collection Tote Black

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¥19,000 ($123.50) tax included

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