Made in Japan Chopsticks- Sold in Bulk 日本製箸まとめ売り

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●Chopsticks made with Wakasa Nuri, a traditional craft that has been passed down in Obama since the early Edo period! Obama is the home of chopsticks.
I will introduce you! Since it is a furniture set, you can easily display it and sell it immediately from the day it arrives! Colorful chopsticks attract customers!
・ Chopsticks: 22.5cm, 19.5cm
(Paper furniture) 14 × 14 × 23 cm
100 pieces (22.5 cm, 19.5 cm / 50 pieces each)
made in Japan
Wakasa traditional craft(1~2nd photo)100 pieces

● Chopsticks made with Wakasa lacquer, a traditional craft (3rd photo)
・ Chopsticks: 23 cm, 21 cm
(Pet fixtures) 31 x 9 x 26 cm
60 pieces (Shigure cloud 23 cm / 21 cm, Hana cloud 23 cm / 21 cm, Hikoki cloud 23 cm / 21 cm / 10 pieces each)
made in Japan

Wakasa traditional craft(3rd photo)60 pieces

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¥11,000 ($70.40) tax included

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