Japan Blue Jeans 32inch Selvedge Jeans Used ジャパンブルージーンズ⑤

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Shuttle looms are traditionally slow and unproductive.
However, it is possible to weave thick threads firmly, and it is possible to create moderate unevenness in the weave.
A unique texture is created, and the bulge of the thread makes the surface look like hand-woven. "Momotaro Jeans", which is popular all over the world, is also a product of this company.

・The inner crotch stitch, which is a feature of Japan Blue Jeans, is sewn with blue thread. Since it has been used only a few times, it is a very beautiful product that you can still enjoy fading.
● Caution ●
The inseam of this product is raised to 75 cm.

Brand : Japan Blue Jeans
Condition : Used
Model number : LOTJB0101
Fabric thickness : oz
Size : 32inch
Made in : Japan Okayama Prefecture
①Waist : 42 cm
②Front rise : 25 cm
③Rear rise : 36.5 cm
④Hip : 50 cm
⑤Thigh width : 29 cm
⑥inseam : 75 cm
⑦Hem width : 20 cm
Button or Zipp : Button
Selvedge : Red Selvedge
Hem stitch : Normal stitch
Front stitch : None stitch
Rivet : Punched rivets
Hidden rivets : None


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¥9,900 ($63.36) tax included

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