Kojima Jeans 36 inch 23oz Selvedge Jeans Used 児島ジーンズ⑥

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●Description of the Japanese jeans●
The quality of Japanese jeans is said to be the highest in the world.
These jeans, made in Okayama prefecture are particularly high quality,as each pair is handmade, so they will last for a considerable amount of time.
The more they are worn, the more they will fade and you might find that you like the color they fade to. You are sure to enjoy the comfort, durability,fit and color fading of these Japanese jeans.

・The early leather patches of Kojima Jeans are very valuable. It is a product that you can still enjoy the color fading because it is used infrequently and has not faded at all. The feature is a very thick fabric of 23 ounces. It is made of a strong fabric that is as thick as a judo suit and is strong enough to stand on its own when wet. Therefore, the color fading will be very rich. It is also very useful when riding a motorcycle. Perfect for touring and people in cold regions.

Brand : Kojima Jeans
Condition : Used
Model number : RNB-108
Fabric thickness : 23oz
Size : 36inch
Made in : Japan Okayama Prefecture
①Waist : 45 cm
②Front rise : 27.5 cm
③Rear rise : 38 cm
④Hip : 60.5 cm
⑤Thigh width : 33 cm
⑥inseam : 83.5 cm
⑦Hem width : 23 cm
Button or Zipp : Zipp
Selvedge : Red Selvedge
Hem stitch : Chain stitch
Front stitch : None stitch
Rivet : Normal rivets
Hidden rivets : None


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¥12,000 ($76.80) tax included

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