Momotaro Jeans 31inch Selvedge Jeans Used 桃太郎ジーンズ⑭

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●Departure Label Jeans●
Two white lines that imitate Momotaro's banner.
This iconic pocket design is Momotaro's signature, both in name and reality.
15.7 oz fabric using Zimbabwe cotton, 6th yarn. 15.7 ounces are classified as so-called heavy ounces. The solid and heavy fabric gives a feeling of durability.
Contrary to its solid, durable feeling, Zimbabwe cotton is characterized by its supple softness. At first, it feels stiff because of its solidity, but it fits the body flexibly as the jeans are “broken in”.
The fabric, dyed to the limit with indigo, is the most special in the world. This navy blue fades very tastefully. Since the contrast between the dark part and the faded part becomes large, you can expect a sharp color fade.
The biggest feature, two lines. The unique ratio of these two is synonymous with MOMOTARO and is a trademark.
Each piece of paint is applied by hand by a craftsman. Water-based rubber paint is used, and the hand-printed ones are then crimped by heat treatment.
Water-based rubber paint gradually blurs over time, rubbing, washing, and aging. This is a "grow with denim" paint that fades as the jeans fade. It does not spoil the look of the jeans as a whole, and is a factor that marks the history of the person.

・This product is second hand, but the gradation of discoloration is wonderful, and you will be able to grow it further by continuing to wear it. The list price is about 24,000 yen, so it's a great deal.

Brand : Momotaro Jeans
Condition : Used
Model number :
Fabric thickness : 15.7oz
Size : 31inch
Made in : Japan Okayama Prefecture
①Waist : 41cm
②Front rise : 29.5 cm
③Rear rise : 38 cm
④Hip : 56 cm
⑤Thigh width : 29 cm
⑥inseam : 72 cm
⑦Hem width : 21 cm
Button or Zipp : Button
Selvedge : Red Selvedge
Hem stitch : Chain stitch
Front stitch : V stitch
Rivet : Punched rivets
Hidden rivets : Yes


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¥10,500 ($67.20) tax included

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