Minna No Nihongo みんなの日本語

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●RED Since it was published in 1998, the long-selling "Minna no Nihongo Beginner I Book" has been reborn as a standard Japanese textbook, making it easier to use. While keeping the organized learning items (grammar syllabus), we replaced the old vocabulary with new vocabulary and increased the practice using illustrations. Comes with a CD containing the audio of "problems / conversations".

●BLUE With 25 lessons (26th to 50th lessons) following "Minna no Nihongo Beginner I 2nd Edition Main Book" (1st to 25th lessons), you will acquire comprehensive Japanese proficiency at the second half of the beginner's level. The purpose is to put it on. We have organized the learning items (grammar syllabus) of the first edition and updated the old vocabulary and expressions. Comes with a CD containing the audio of "problems / conversations".

Minna no nihongo

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¥4,000 ($25.60) tax included

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