Cellophane Wrap Saran Wrap Made in Japan サランラップ

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In addition to product design that values ​​usability and functionality, we are also particular about fun and comfort.
A brightly colored package design that makes you want to display it in the kitchen. It is a 50m roll that can be fully used.
[Difficult to pass oxygen and moisture] Since it is difficult to pass oxygen and moisture, it keeps the food fresh. Also, you don't have to worry about odor leakage or odor transfer.
[Good adhesion] The surface of Saran Wrap is very smooth and sticky, and it adheres perfectly to glass and ceramics with a smooth surface.
[It is firm] It is firm. A film that is easy to handle when pulling out or putting it on a container.
[Reliable cold resistance and heat resistance] Can be used from frozen storage to microwave heating. (Cold resistant temperature 60 degrees to heat resistant temperature 140 degrees) [Resistant to salt and acid] Since it is resistant to salt and acid, it is suitable for wrapping dried plums and lemons. It is a film that can be used with confidence for miso. 1 Peel off the zipper. 2 Pull out the tape upward. 3 Close the lid tightly and cut from the end. * If you cut the wrap without closing the lid tightly, you may not be able to pull it out.
<If you can't pull it out ...> 1 Open the lid wide and take the wrap out of the box. 2 Lightly touch the plastic wrap with cellophane tape and pull it out from the edge. * Do not use scissors or cutlery.

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Saran Wrap 30cm x 50m(1st photo)
30~ ⇒ ¥540
Saran Wrap 22cm x 50m(2nd photo)
30~ ⇒ ¥399
Saran Wrap 15cm x 50m(3rd photo)
30~ ⇒ ¥349

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¥540 ($3.46) tax included

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