S.H. Monster Arts GODZILLA FROM GODZILLA VS. KONG (2021) Approximately 160mm PVC painted movable figure

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①~⑧Photo's Godzilla【Product introduction】NEW
"The decisive battle of the century!" Godzilla VS Kong "finally opens !! Scheduled to be released in North America in March 2021! Godzilla (2021) appearing in" GODZILLA VS KONG "(original title) appears in S.H.MonsterArts.

The characteristic back fin light emission in the play was reproduced with realistic metallic paint.
Comes with interchangeable wrists you can use to change the figure’ s pose.

[Set contents] Main body, replacement wrist left and right "
[Manufacturer]: BANDAI SPIRITS
[Price]: ¥11000
⑨Photo's Godzilla【Product introduction】NEW

Art Spirits Godzilla (2019) Gekizo Series Normal Color Ver

[Price]: ¥6900
⑩Photo's Godzilla【Product introduction】NEW

Art Spirits Godzilla (2019) Gekizo Series special Color Ver

[Price]: ¥6900
⑪~⑭ Photo's Godzilla【Product introduction】beautiful Used

Shin Godzilla

Width 15 cm Depth 30 cm Height 19 cm

[Price]: ¥5900
⑮~⑯ Photo's Godzilla【Product introduction】NEW

Deformed King GODZILLA (2019)

[Price]: ¥1850
⑰~⑲ Photo's Godzilla【Product introduction】NEW

Godzilla Bandai HG Shin Godzilla 4th form

[Price]: ¥700

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¥13,000 ($83.20) tax included

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