Lipstick Kyouto Hanamai Lipstick 京都花舞口紅

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Flowers of the four seasons that vividly complement the scenery of the city of Kyoto.

"Kyoto Hanamai" is a lipstick with the image of Kyoto flowers.
Easy to apply with a single coat and the finish is glossy and transparent.
With abundant natural ingredients and beauty ingredients derived from each flower, the lips are nourished with every application.
A lipstick that is a great cosmetic for girls, as it can be used for both makeup and lip care.

●Red plum(Koubai)
Red plum loved by Heian aristocracy. It is a deep red color like the traditional Japanese color, Kokiake.With a dignity like a weeping plum that has reached full bloom at Jonangu, it enhances femininity.This is an mature red color that is recommended when you want to be fashionable or when you want to attract attention.
●Cherry blossoms(Sakura)
The traditional Japanese color, is a light red color that looks like the buds of cherry blossoms.You can enjoy a pretty and girly atmosphere with a pink color like Yoshino cherry blossoms blooming at Daigoji Temple, a famous cherry blossom spot in Kyoto. It is one that enhances beauty for any occasion.
●Hino fan(Hiougi)
The traditional color, vermilion, like the flowers of the blackberry lily that is displayed on eaves during the Gion Festival, is an orange color. It fits well on the skin and gives a lively and fresh look.It is a color that will liven up the casual scene and the mood of the outdoors.
A calm pink beige representation of the Japanese anemone blooming in Kifune, Kyoto.
A bright, mature color that gives the lips the impression of being soft.
Red like autumn leaves that dyes the precincts of Manshuin. A deep wine red that gives a glimpse of the strength of the core of an adult woman and is also suitable for monotone coordination.
Recommended when you want to give your mouth a glossy look.
A beige color with the motif of sasanqua flowers blooming on the Philosopher's Walk.
A natural looking color that matches natural lip color and doesn’t stand out a lot.It is one that can be used for office make-up or when you want to give a slight tint to your lips.

Contents 6g
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20~ ⇒ ¥2800

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¥2,800 ($17.92) tax included

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